CAT/CIV Command use with the RoMac Automatic CW Identifier and Tuning Pulser

There are advantages and disadvantages to using CAT commands vs a full featured sound card interface with the RoMac CW I'der & Pulser.

One big advantage of using CAT commands, is that many radio amateurs already are using their computers with software such as Ham Radio Deluxe.  You will still be able to use a radio control program such as HRD on the same serial port by setting up a pair of virtual ports (See help File under "Virtual Ports")

The second advantage is the interface between the sound card and your radio, is as simple as an isolation transformer between the sound card and an auxiliary connector on the back of your radio. Simply wire the tip and sleeve from the sound card to one side of the isolation transformer and the other side into the audio input of your auxiliary connector on the back of your radio. Note: Keep the sleeve on the sound card isolated from your station ground. The sleeve is not ground, its common !

You may want to install a second sound card in your computer and dedicate its use to the I'der. StarTech has a USB to Audio Adapter for around $20.00, that works well with the software.

The software supports the following radios, Icom 746, 746 Pro, 756 Pro, 756 Pro II, 756 Pro III, 7000, 7200, 7600, and 7800.
Yaesu FT 450, FT 857, FT 897, FT 920, FT 950, FT 1000, FT 1000MP, FT 2000, and FT 9000. All Kenwood and Elecraft.
If your Icom radio is not listed, select (Ic - Other) in setup, and supply the correct radio address.

Note : On Yaesu radios set the CAT Handshake RTS to OFF  FT 5000 users set either FT 2000 or FT 9000

The Elecraft radio's have a built in sound card audio "In" on the back of the radio and a Line out.

If your radio is not listed, please email us with the type of radio and we will do our best to add the radio to the list of supported radios. One requirement to support the radio, is the radios CAT commands must support an option to ask the radio if its in the transmit or receive mode for the software to be operative, in all modes.