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Speech Intelligibility Enhancer
Great for receiver audio equalization for hearing impaired operator !
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System Requirements
Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Earlier Windows versions may work.
800 X 600 Resolution
Min. Pentium III or Celeron - 400 MHz - 128 MB Ram
DirectX 8.0 or higher
16 Bit SoundBlaster full duplex compatible sound card (See FAQ).


  • Free evaluation software. Runs for 25 hours of cumulative running time.

  • Simple to interface to your transceiver

  • Plus/minus 20 dB equalization range ,ideal for hearing impaired operators.

  • Requires only a 16 bit full duplex sound card.

  • Internal sound card mixer controls to make it simple to set up.

  • Up to 6 presets that remember all your settings

  • Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

  • Works with most commercial sound card interfaces.

  • Sound card selection dependant of system default sound devices.

  • Very simple interface to your transceiver.

  • Only $24.95 (Evaluation software is free)


The RoMac Basic Equalizer is a very basic and simple to use audio equalizer and easy to interface to your transceiver. Although it is very easy to use and setup, it has the same DSP engine as the RoMac 10 Band Equalizer and Receive Filter software. Using professional techniques such as audio equalization will enhance the audio quality of your signal.

Connecting it to your transceiver is as simple as a cable from the speaker output to your sound card line input for receive purposes. For transmit audio equalization all you will need is to cable the output of the sound card to the microphone input to your transceiver with an isolation transformer for RFI immunity. 

It is intended to be used as a transmit audio equalizer, or a receive audio equalizer. With its generous plus or minus 20 dB range it is ideal for hearing impaired persons.

As a person ages, their hearing range diminishes, reducing their enjoyment of phone operation. The RoMac Basic Equalizer can boost the audio in certain frequency ranges to compensate for a hearing loss in certain frequency bands. With the software's generous equalization of +/- 20 dB, it  provides enough range for most hearing impairments.

The RoMac Basic equalizer also separate bass and treble controls to even further boost a range of frequencies, if the +-20dB range is not enough for your hearing impairment.

As a transmit audio equalizer, it has the same DSP engine as our flagship product, the RoMac 10 Band Equalizer and DSP filter. Your transmit audio may be tailored to sound like a broadcast station, or if needed, to have emphasized mid range and highs to get through those DX pileups. A simple mouse click allows you to store and recall up to 6 different sets of equalization parameters.

The RoMac Basic equalizer includes a simple, basically noiseless noise gate.

The software has built in level meters to ensure your audio sounds its best.

The RoMac Basic Equalizer has it's own built in controls for setting all the relevant sound card levels. It also has the capability of using any sound card on your system. It also will remember those sound card levels when starting, and will return the sound card levels to their original setting when unloading the software.

A complete help file is included to help you setup and operate the software.

The free evaluation software is identical to the licensed version, except it will only run for 20 hours of accumulated time and a few nag screens.

The price to purchase the license is only $24.95. Insert your license key and the 20 hour running time restriction is lifted.

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